Our primary mission is to transform inexperienced drivers of all ages and backgrounds to a skillful driver, as well as improve the skills of experienced drivers, by providing the latest in driving training and techniques. We are experts in teen and adult driver education (behind the Wheel for Teens and Adults Program), and have extensive experience in adult driver and senior driver training, as well. Regardless of your age, whether you’re a native Virginia, or from another state or even another country, you can count on Phyllis Foster Driving School for all your driver educational needs, be it training refresher courses, brush-up lessons, or help passing the Virginia DMV permit and road test.

  • Licensed by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Fully insured and bonded. All instructors have passed the background checks.
  • FREE Pick-Up and Drop-Off for All Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons, seven days a week from any home, school, or work address located within our service area.
  • Behind-the-wheel Lesson Appointments Available Within Days. Call for details.
  • Unique One-on-One, 120 minute (2 hours) Private Driving Lessons for the most efficient and effective learning experience.
  • Experienced, Patient, and Friendly Instructors with great communication skills.
  • Same Instructor Every Lesson, unless otherwise requested
  • Engaging and Stress-Free Learning Environment

Our instructors have been teaching driver’s training for over twenty years. We are licensed, insured and bonded. We perform background checks on every employee. In addition to being state certified, our instructors stay current with the latest industry skills and knowledge through continuous training. Our instructors evaluate each student and challenge them with the latest teaching techniques in defensive driving. Our instructors are patient, friendly, and effective communicators, which is why they surpass industry standards of professionalism. In addition, unless requested otherwise, you will have the same instructor for all lessons, which we find helps establish rapport and build consistency; therefore, making the learning process easier and more enjoyable. You will find your instructor motivating, inspiring, and always interesting.

When an inexperienced or novice driver gets behind the wheel of a car, safety is of the utmost concern. That’s why all of Phyllis Foster Driving School’s vehicles go through continuous and rigorous maintenance and safety inspections. Our Vehicles have dual equipped brakes, mirrors and the cars are inspected annually. Also, our vehicles inspection reports is in compliance with state requirement to insure you receive maximum safety.